When words leave off
music begins.


Music has always been a driving force for John Kocher. Growing up as a child with special needs often times left John feeling like an outsider compared to his same aged peers. As he navigated his way through school, bullying became an almost daily occurrence and it left him feeling voiceless and alone. When John was eighteen, he was given his first guitar and immediately it filled him with the hope that there was a way out of the darkness. Day after day, he worked tirelessly towards his end goal of becoming a more proficient guitar player and in his mind, he knew he had bigger plans than simply playing cover songs! Using the inspiration of the idols he had grown up adoring, John began writing and performing songs of his own which now gave him the “voice” he had always longed for. Fast forward twenty years, John has accomplished an incredible amount as a singer and songwriter in the greater Milwaukee area thanks to the mentorship from musicians he has come to know personally and the determination he has exuded through his passionate live performances. He has released 2 albums and is preparing to release a new concept album in the summer of 2020. No one knows what the future will hold for John but one thing is for certain. He will continue to sharpen his craft as a songwriter and provide inspiration for those who are willing to listen.